Imagine this: fresh air, interesting sights, delicious food. All this can be yours instead of being stuck inside the airport. With Cocos Hotels nearby, even a short layover can be a fun mini-vacation!

Tantalize Your Tastebuds!

Forget airport food! A quick trip بیرون (pronounced “bee-roon”, meaning “outside”) opens a world of deliciousness. Try authentic Nigerian food at Bukka Restaurant or Mama Cass. Craving something familiar? International chains are also close by. (Bukka Restaurant Abuja, Mama Cass Abuja)

Take Home a Souvenir!

The National Stadium Market is a treasure trove of cool stuff! Find handcrafted jewelry, fabrics, artwork, and more – all perfect keepsakes. Feeling fancy? Jabi Lake Mall has upscale shops too. (National Stadium Market Abuja, Jabi Lake Mall Abuja)

Make Your Layover Easy:

  • Plan Ahead: Pick a few things you really want to see. Knowing what you like saves time!
  • Pack Light: A small backpack is all you need. Leave your big suitcase at the hotel.
  • Get Local Cash: Exchange some money for Nigerian Naira before you go. Small shops might not take credit cards.

Cocos Hotels: Your Launchpad to Abuja Fun!

After your mini-adventure, come back to Cocos Hotels & Garden Abuja. Relax by the pool, enjoy a delicious meal at our restaurant, and share stories of your exciting layover! This might be a short visit, but Abuja has so much to offer. Book your stay and explore more next time!